How Unrelated Traumas Can Change Our Success with Craig Weiner [ Ep.217]

Have you noticed a pattern in the “random” bumps that seem to get in the way of your moving ahead?

Does a car or air conditioner seem to break down when you earn a little extra?
Do you tend to get sick or hurt yourself, just when things get flowing?
Does something tend to come up with your kids/partner/parents/dog just when a big opportunity comes along?

These all seem very out of your control right?

They totally don’t have anything to do with your own blocks and past traumas.

Or do they…

In fact, what if WAY more of your life was controlled by past traumatic moments than you think?

Things like the choices you make and things you prefer when it comes to work and money may all be much more deeply linked to past incidents that you know.

The HUGE upside to this?

We can find and transform the way our body stores these traumas.
We can change the impact they have on our lives.

And that’s what I get into with today’s guest:

  • how to know if a past stressful memory is actually a trauma
  • two kinds of trauma and how either can impact how you live your life
  • where trauma likes to live/hide (hint: it’s not just in your head!)
  • why body-based therapies tend to work so well for trauma
  • for practitioners: resources to help your clients with trauma

So let’s tap as we learn more about finding safety in our bodies and lives so we can help ourselves (and our clients) fly.


Check out Craig’s Tapping Out of Trauma goodies here.

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  1. Great interview Jen and Craig. Such a joy to listen to two people who have invested their time and passion in this incredibly important topic of safely and effectively working with trauma. Thank you.

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