The Conscious Entrepreneur Episode #1!

the concsious entrepreneur pic for post

Are you a consciously-evolving, big-hearted, spiritually-minded entrepreneur looking to take your income and business to an even bigger playing field?

Do you want to heal yourself and the world with your work?

Me too!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast!

We’re gonna be transforming and hacking the mindset blocks and health blocks that keep us and our transformative businesses from the 6 and 7 figures they’re meant to bring.

We’re digging deep and healing deep.

And we’re going after the big guns. The old subconscious clutter that’s been there so long we’ve just gone and organized the room around it.

But that stops now. We’re cleaning the subconscious belief clutter out.

Because the truth is, that energy wants to be useful and helpful, just like it was back when it first came about.

This is our time to repurpose that energy into a useful tool that works for us now, at this age, with this business and this beautiful mission.

So please, pop in the earbuds and give it a listen.

I’m so excited to share this journey with your beautiful soul,