Tapping for Money – Do you have a Money Menace keeping you poor?


Tapping/EFT and getting over money blocks around "rich people"

Years ago, pre-children, I used to be a serious board gamer. I mean geek-status board gamer.

In high-school most of the other under-age kids were planning how many beers they’d need to get drunk on a Saturday night. I, on the other hand, was partying all night by laughing hysterically with my friends “drunk” on gigantic slushies and the thrill of a fierce Pictionary game. (Told you it was geek-status.)

Years later, on another such board game night, I had to guess a word describing “witch” (or something worse) and found myself shouting out the name of this girl from high school. My friends laughed, but it still stood out.

Holy grudge Jen!

The few interactions I’d had with this girl had led me to write her off as a rich, snobby and totally vapid person.

So my subconscious went ahead and dropped her in the “rich = shallow snob = I never want to be like that” file.

Problem is, this subconscious belief that being rich means becoming shallow and snobby is stuck in my neurons. It’s totally blocking my conscious desire and efforts to make more money and a greater change in the world.

And to make matters worse, this subconscious belief floods my body with unhealthy stress chemicals every time I see or think of someone who represents that “rich snob” profile.

So I’m thinkin’ I’m done with letting this judgement from eons ago affect my health and the countless number of lives I’d like to help.

Is there a Money Menace from YOUR past? Is it possible that they are keeping you from making your difference?

Even now, is there a celebrity or heir(ess) who makes you cringe? That you swear you’d never want to be anything like? Someone who fits that rich = evil/shallow/snobby/greedy/airhead etc equation?

Let’s hunt down and transform this money leech into a money leverage. ()

After you’ve watched and tapped along, inspire someone else by letting us know:
1) What lesson did your money menace have for you?  2)What step can you take today to put that lesson into action?

You deserve to make more money while you make your difference in the world.

Thank you for continuing to transform this planet into a healthier place!

With love,