[Ep. 28 – How Stacey Vornbrock Gets You Back In the Game to Hit a Homerun In Your Business

How Stacey Gets You Back in the Game to Hit a Homerun.

When I was in the 8th grade, I was super into all things sports at my small elementary school.  Especially basketball.


During one game, I was going for a jump ball and came down wrong. You may guess the ending here, I rolled my ankle and sprained it.

Not wanting to sit out, I wrapped it and played the rest of the game anyway but this was the beginning of a long string of ankle reinjuries.

Fast forward 12 months to my first year in high school and I was practicing my tennis volleys at the net. As I moved to get into position, I stepped on a ball, rolled the other ankle and down I went.

This sprain stopped me from continuing the try-outs for track and field, my FAVOURITE school sport.

Since starting high school I’d been feeling shy about participating in sports in such a large school full of so many older and amazing athletes.  So missing out on the one event I loved enough to push through the shyness was really the last straw.

I decided I would never be good enough after having taken so much time off and left the sporting world for good.

This one injury made me doubt my ability to succeed. I had decided I was no longer good enough to follow my passion and joy on the field.

And this exact process can happen in your business too.

When have you had a business injury, strain, flop or broken idea that just deflated you?

What happened that made your subconscious decide to protect yourself from reinjury at any cost?

If you’ve had physical, mental, emotional OR business injury, you’re absolutely gonna love today’s podcast interview with Stacey Vornbrock.

She’s dedicated the last 13 years of her 39-year psychotherapy practice to helping amateur and pro athletes heal up and get back in their game WAY faster.

And of course she lays it down in this episode with a brilliant tapping exercise for letting go of the shock and fear we ALL carry, keeping us from jumping back all-in to our own entrepreneurial game.

So start stretching out your tapping muscles and dive in to this episode here!




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