How to Show Up More Solidly In Your Business with Julie Flippin [Ep. 187]


In today’s episode, entrepreneur, business coach and eft practitioner, Julie Flippin helps us face the fears and unknowns of being an entrepreneur.  She walks us through the layers that help us show up more consciously in our businesses.

She shares how she’s run multiple businesses from start-up to success and how she got stuck… on the third one.

She enlightens us about how early childhood may be sneakily holding back our success by telling us her big vulnerable childhood experience that was blocking her own path.

Juicy stuff?  Oh yeah!

This episode is full of goodies and insight so pop the earbuds in!



If you can stay in alignment with your vision enough times throughout your day, you may find that your vision  finds you.



The books that guided Julie along her entrepreneurial path:  Return to Love Ask And It Is Given, You Are the Placebo

Julie’s favourite success quote: “Pain pushes until it pulls.” – M. Beckwith

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