[Ep. 24] Perfecting imperfection with Shannon Parsons

Perfecting imperfection
I didn’t used to identify with perfectionism. I always thought a perfectionist was someone who got 98% on a test and then mourned the other 2.

A perfectionist was someone who was incredibly meticulous, someone with super-human organizational skills.

“Not me. ” I’d think.  “Guess I’m not a perfectionist.”

Then I dug deeper into personal work… I went spelunking in some dark crypts of my psyche and lo and behold! I uncovered a broken record-player crankin’ out “you’re not good enough…yet” over and over and over.

In fact, the more issues I worked on, the more this same tune came up! Suddenly I was seeing all the ways this perfectionist critic had been running my career and killing my earning capacity: ‘I’ll be a better and more successful doctor if I just get another certification, read another textbook, practice more like “that” colleague or take another course (followed by another and another…)’.

I realized perfectionism came in WAY more varieties than I’d thought and I was drinking my very own flavor of perfectionist koolaid.

Do you drinketh the koolaid too?

Then you’ll most definitely want to catch today’s podcast with Shannon Parsons. She helps us dig down to where our perfectionist, doubting inner critic hangs out. Then she helps us transform that never-good-enough energy into something MUCH more useful.

So pop those ear buds in and warm up your tapping fingers for some perfectionist transformation with Shannon!

Thanks for bringing your healing to the planet!



Trust that you are in the right place and if you look, there’s a rainbow in sight.



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The books that changed Shannon’s business mindset: The Life You Were Born to Live  and

The Way of The Seal

Shannon’s favourite success quote: “It may be raining, but there’s a rainbow above you”.

– the Eagles