[Ep. 56] Stress, Adrenals and Your Success

Four years ago our world was totally rocked.

My husband and I had lived through some pretty crazy things before. You know, med school, loss of near loved ones, having our first child.

But when the twins were born?

We got suh-MOKED!

I was totally run down immediately after, you know, from growing TWO BABIES to full term and then delivering them. And then there were the multiple crazy nursing illnesses that I had a strong predilection for.

I think I might have had a full night’s sleep only a dozen or so times in the first 2 years.

And cooking, cleaning or working? Those rare golden opportunities were like going to the spa!

Suffice it to say, my stress management system took a hit.

What about you?

Have you lived through intense work or extreme stress over an extended period in the last few years?

Ever feel less productive? Less clear and able to focus than you used to?

Is sugar or caffeine the only thing keeping you from passing out on your computer by late afternoon?

If you’re nodding ‘yes’ as you read this, you may have some over-taxed adrenals too.

What exactly are adrenals and what does that mean?

Well our guest today is here to tell us all about it.

Dr. Salna Smith breaks down what the adrenals are and just how much these little glands affect our energy, vitality AND our bottom line.

Then, check out her easy (and yummy) solutions to give your adrenals some healin’ love!



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