[Ep. 26] The UN-morning Routine with Dr. Salna Smith, ND

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You’ve heard those podcasts before.

The ones where they talk about their AMAZING morning routine.

How they do yoga then meditate, then journal, then exercise for the first 90 minutes of their day. The ones where they don’t wake up to their small children potty training… in MOM and DAD’s bed.

Look, I LOVE the whole meditation/exericise idea.  And I hope it becomes a physical reality for me one day.

But that doesn’t mean we parents can’t get the same final result.  It doesn’t mean we can’t achieve that same beautiful space of flow and creativity right now in spite of the hectic parent mornings.

Part of the point of meditation is to become so good at it that you start to bring meditation into your daily life.  To experience more calm even when you’re not in the lotus position with a candle lit.

Let’s be honest here, conscious parent-preneur, I know you can multitask like a mofo.  So why not bring on the bliss like the multitasking master of the universe that you are?

In today’s episode my good friend and colleague, Dr. Salna Smith from kaleandcoffee.ca, and I  break down how to achieve the body chemistry to get you into the that creative, ‘ready to take on the day’ space.

Then Salna lays it down with some amazing tips and tricks on how to boost your energy with some SUPER quick morning food and drink recipes. Morning power shot?  I’m in!

So step aside Tony Robbins, we’re about to show ’em how consciouspreneurs do the morning routine parent-style!

You’ve got to click and listen to this one!


A thought reaches a combustion point at 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus. It draws another thought to it and it is exponentially more powerful.  – Abraham Hicks



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