How to stop procrastinating and start moving forward.

You’ve got an amazing idea of how it all ends right?

The revenue, the email list size, the team that helps you execute it all with ease…

You’ve got your vision board/pinterest board going, maybe a gorgeous morning visualization practice.  You even whip out some @sskicking affirmations now and then.

Problem is…

for the life of you, you can’t get going!

Your head is swirling with thoughts like:

There are TOO many things to do, where do I even start?

What if I do all this work and end up with crickets?

Or what if I do so ridiculously well that I can’t handle it?

Maybe I should just check Facebook again.

Or (for all you tired-preneurs out there) take a little nap.

And then another day passes and you’re still standing there.

In the exact. Same. Place.

Honestly, is there anything more frustrating for a consciouspreneur???

Because deep down, like in your bones, you KNOW that this business of yours needs to grow.  That its energy needs to help transform lives.

Including yours!

But here’s the thing.

You’re not stopping yourself because you’re stupid or bad or lazy.

Believe it or not, this act of procrastination is actually incredibly smart.

There is a brilliant part of you working on overtime to hold you back from moving forward.

Sounds crazy I know.  But what if deep in your subconscious mind, the part that sits quietly in the background helping you walk and drive and text without thinking, you’re actually doing EVERYTHING in your power to keep yourself from taking action?

You see, your subconscious probably has some really solid evidence for how your moving forward could go all sorts of wrong.  And it reeeeeeeeeaaaally doesn’t want you or your beautiful psyche to undergo the devastation again.

So it is totally happy to keep you overwhelmed, scared, self-mocking, whatever it takes to keep you from a potentially scary successful outcome.

But not for long.

Lucky for us all, there are tools to help us shift these neural networks that are dead set against us moving forward.

Lucky for you, a whole whack of procrastination-busting audios and resources are listed below!

Created exactly for big-hearted, heal-the-planet conscious entrepreneurs like you.

That means all you need to do now, is click, listen and transform.

Because hey, we ALL need the gorgeous work that your business brings to this planet.

Thanks for your healing!

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