Podcast – Novelty

time for change

You know when your creativity starts to dry out and you feel like everything is starting to look grey? Taste a little too vanilla?

There’s a list in front of you, your favourite pick-me-up beverage by your computer but you’re just kind of… blearing off?

Now, while you can’t seem to bring yourself to execute on your list , dinner with a friend? A movie? A hike or a run? OH YEAH!

The thing is, what if that run or that movie was exactly what you needed to get that list knocked out?

What if a change of scene got your mojo revved up and your creativity flowing?

What if you always have it in you to create exactly what you want?

Sometimes we just need to turn the image to see it at another angle. We just have to step out of the box for a sec to see all the good stuff that was hiding right where we’d just been standing?

What if our money needs the exact same thing?

One of THE BEST ways to grow your success and impact, to create new brain pathways for bringing home more bacon and bringing down the house, is novelty.

Wanna hear how you can grow your income and your impact using this novelty tool?

Pop in the earbuds and let’s grow some income-crushing neural pathways shall we?

With love and gratitude for your healing and kick-ass presence,