Podcast – Messages From Your Body

Hand rubbing wrist, pain

Do you have a 10 yr old “bad back”?

Do you get heart palpitations when things are too intense?

Is there a food craving you just can’t kick no matter how raw/vegan/organic the rest of your diet is?

When the massage therapy or the pharmaceutical or the 20th different cleanse have no effect…there might be something else going on.

Your body might have a message for you in the form of that carpel tunnel or raging PMS. (Something more than “Hey! Your hormones are whacked out!”)

What if the raging hormones, the swelling, the aching, the pins-and-needles just WON’T go away until you hear it out?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s been holding on to a message for you.

Maybe it wants to get through to you so it can finally take a vacation.

Mmm. What would life be like if that pain hiked on a plain to Bora Bora?

Grab your earbuds and let’s start packin’ its luggage.

With love for your brave transformation,