Podcast – Lead from the Heart

Heart, arrow, spray-painted

Have you ever been working away at something only to stop and realize that your shoulders were up around your ears?

If you press down on the muscle between your shoulder and neck, is it sore?

When you’re walking and thinking, do you ever notice your posture slouching and your head going before your body?

We spend so much time planning and analyzing and recalling and reliving old conversations and acting out new ones that our mental energy gets gargantuan!

We often slip into pushing forward with our minds, hunched forward with our heads leading the way.

But we’re conscious entrepreneurs. We want our intuition, our inner guidance to be playing a role too.

We want our business to be full of heart!

So let’s create that shift in our bodies right now in today’s podcast.

Are you ready to lead with your heart?

Thanks for your beautiful healing,