[Ep. 68] How to Grow Your Wealth to Match YOU with Pat Driedger

We all kinda know what we should do with our money:  create and actually follow a budget, keep 3-6 months cushion for ‘just in case’ emergencies and of course save for retirement.

But what if that’s not how you, as a big-hearted yet risk-taking entrepreneur, roll?

What if creating wealth to you means making more rather than saving consistently?

What if even the idea of saving makes you feel like you’re just making yourself more poor?

A paradox, but I know I’m not the only one who’s felt that way.

Well I have a refreshing treat for you!  Today’s podcast guest has been working in the financial advising arena for over a decade and he takes a different approach to helping people grow and manage their wealth.

What if you could find a solution to have a safety net of that scary word “savings” BUT still keep that ‘all-in’ entrepreneurial mindset?

As an entrepreneur himself, Pat Driedger shares with us how money is actually a reflection of our values.  He shares a great discovery exercise to help us catch those hidden hang ups we might have around money that are blocking us from our wealth and impact goals.

We all want to enjoy more and heal the world more with our wealth.  So we owe it to ourselves and the planet to manage and create this energy we call money, in the most nourishing way possible.

Let’s bring more consciousness to our money energy!



Take stock, always take stock.



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The work that changes Pat’s success mindset: Five Major Pieces to Life’s Puzzle

How to find Pat: patrick@castlewealthservices.com

Pat’s favourite success quote:

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. – Earl Nightingale