Outcomes Process – NLP and Success with Jo Casey [Ep. 171]

In today’s episode Jo gives us ANOTHER great mental exercise to follow to help break through the barriers that keep us from greater success and impact.

She breaks down her version of something called the Outcomes Process.

Now as you might guess, it involves working with a goal or outcome we have in mind.  But Jo shows us how she uses it to help step out of those typical mental barricades that often stop us in our tracks.

Here is her mnemonic:

P – state with positivity the thing you are working towards.  Let your brain respond to possibility rather than stumbling blocks.

O – own your part in it.  Removing the natural human tendency to doubt, blame and find a reason NOT to.

S – get specific.  When, where, what and with whom do you want to accomplish this?  Get granular.

S – is the size achievable?  Do those specifics work?

E – evidence.  What will you see, hear, feel, smell, touch when you achieve your goal?  How will you know you’ve done it?  (Check marks on a calendar?  Confidence in my heart?  Sleeping better?  More money in the bank account?)  Create a compelling future for yourself.

E – Ecology.  If I did all of this, what would be the consequences to me and my life by reaching this outcome? Thinking through the practical consequences so it happens with ease.



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Jo Casey’s lovely work.