Money Medicine

From Striving to Wealthy

Your Brain Patterns Decide

Money Medicine is like having a personal trainer for your brain, where the neuroscience of changing your wealth patterns meets your beautiful business.

Let’s sculpt your brain-biology for success. Way more success.

Because your bank account and the planet deserve the healing that only your business can bring.

Look, I know that you and your business have a gift for the planet.

Your life, your experience and the gorgeous business you’ve created are just waiting to help more people, earn tons more money and change the world.

Which is exactly why it’s crushing you to be stuck at this stagnant, and now rotting, success plateau.

Case in point: when it’s time to get down to taking real action to move forward…

  • You’re paralyzed by overwhelm. ‘How can I do all the things?” And then you Netflix break.  Yet another day without moving forward.
  • You procrastinate like a pro. You know what you should do but it just ain’t happenin’. Is there anything worse than being frustrated with yourself?
  • You can barely keep up. It is literally killing you, burning you out, just to keep treading water right where you are, let alone move forward.
  • You constantly feel like ‘maybe I just don’t know enough yet. Should I enroll in that online course?’ even though you’ve done 9.

And all of this is killing your joy because:

  • your relationships are much less fulfilling since you’re never really “there” even when you are.
  • you’re mentally burnt out and have no time for other interests
  • your soul feels crushed under a backlog of negative emotions so your spiritual growth as a person feels stuck and stunted.

I’ve been there, and I get it.

So let me tell you, it’s not your fault, you beautiful-hearted entrepreneur.


Blocks = sneaky, subconscious, below-your-awareness beliefs that are freaked the eff out to be outrageously successful, to make great money and to really have an impact on the world.

These blocks are actually neural patterns that you’ve laid down over the years that have now become underlying functions of life. Like the operating system that runs your computer, you browse the internet and use Office but never really think about the system that’s running it all.

Here’s a sample of some of those pesky neural patterns your brain might be operating under:

I can’t be rich AND spiritual. I have to choose one.


If I were that successful, I’d never have time for friends family OR myself.


People who are loaded are super greedy and snobby.


I suck at managing money.


If I make a ton of money, I’ll be part of the rich elite while millions starve.


And this is just a smattering of all the GREAT reasons your brain is hard-wired to hold back your success.

It’s like there’s a crazy tug of war going on inside you.  Your conscious mind that reeeeeally wants to be more successful, versus your subconscious mind that is doing everything in its power to protect you from success.

The struggle ends here.

You can totally prune, regrow and reshape these patterns to support the future that YOU want right now.


  • -seeing the look on all the faces of people your business has helped.
  • -banking way more money than you ever have before ( working 35, 20 or even 10 hours/week!)
  • -getting stuff done effortlessly. That consult? Easy.  Create more content? Already done.
  • -having time with your family and friends WHILE taking care of yourself.
  • -vacationing or staycationing any time you want.

(Sigh) You can feel it in your body right now can’t you?

So how do you figure out which patterns you have and then totally renovate them?

Bring on some Money Medicine coaching.  A one-on-one VIP service where we rejig the neuroscience behind your behavior so your business can soar.

This work is about helping you recognize and totally reshape those brain patterns that have been fighting against all your hard work to make your business grow.

This is much better than reading a great book or even attending a weekend event.  This is live, personalized and one-on-one work over 90 days (ish). You know, long enough to really let those new brain patterns take hold.

And this is not just talk.  It’s not about another “Aha!” moment.

Nuh uh.  Not here.

I’ve been diving into this world of how our minds influence our lives since before I started medical school, to become a Naturopath, nearly 20 years ago. Not only have I interviewed a ton of mindset and entrepreneurial experts on my podcast, I aslo do this work on myself both as self-work AND with a professional.

I’ve done the theory and experience.

And you need more than theory.

That’s why we actually dive into when, what and where the blocks started so we can get you, your brain and your body to start reshaping those patterns.

None of this “here! just use this method” or “I’ll do the work on you”.  We actually follow a process together, where I’m helping you consciously take the reins to lay down new patterns and feel AH-mazing.

And then you bring that amazing-ness with you, right into your business.

Sound too good (and too crazy) to be true? I hear you.

Meet these past Money Medicine rock stars:

“I’m more successful doing more business with more people and yet….work doesn’t consume me anymore.”

In 5 months of using Money Medicine, Pat doubled his revenue for the following year, from 10K to 20K/month. What’s even better?  He finally felt the calm and clarity to hire a team and was able to spend quality time on vacation with his family while his team kept the income and impact growing.

“I’m SO much more self-aware in a really powerful, helpful and productive way. ”

Rosella smashed through myriad personal finance issues and has landed job offers that will not only pay the bills but enhance the growth of her own business too. Her creativity and expression have skyrocketed and she’s able to stop the business freak outs (we all know about those) way faster. And all while embracing a deeper and more fulfilling purpose.

Just a few days after my first session with Jen, I noticed a shift in how I was thinking and feeling. I felt lighter and more positive about my life.

The cool thing about the affirmations and tapping she used during our session, is that you do not have to believe that it will work; it just does! She helped me create different feelings about an event in my life that I remembered as stressful and traumatic…now as I think about this event, I feel the calm and safety we created during our session! It’s almost like the new experience actually happened too! It was a really powerful experience for me and Jen is truly gifted at helping to remove the blocks that hold us back that we don’t even know exist.

-Monique Bogni

I feel soooo much better and don’t have the financial stress in the pit of my stomach any more.  Such an amazing exercise to work through everything! Thank you!

-Emma Thomas Watterson

Look. Like you, I’m very picky about who I choose as my coach/therapist/practitioner.  I want connection and rapport for the best therapeutic outcome.
Not to mention, amazing success!

That’s why we start with a chat.
A free, no-pressure chat to see if we’re a good fit and if now’s the right time for you.

Not only that, we actually do a mini-process right then and there. For real, who wants to buy a gallon of paint with only a 2 inch test chit?  This is a real-sized sample of our future work.

So if you’ve had enough of your business standing still …

If you refuse to let your past experiences shape your future successes…

If you’re serious about taking your business, income and impact to a completely new level…

I look forward to helping you make WAY more money and bring your change to the planet.

And please, keep courageously and lovingly opening to your dreams because your wealth, your health and all of us in the world, can’t wait to thank you even more for it.