Money Blocks – Is There a Money Set Point Holding You Back? [Ep. 208]

When I was doing my undergrad, I worked part-time at a factory.  One of my co-workers, a law student, was recounting how painful an experience he’d had that weekend.

Up to this point in his living situations, he’d been in a house with a  group of guys who never really worried about cleaning and such pedestrian (a.k.a. not involving partying) duties.

However, now that he was living with his fiancé, cleaning was a thing.

So he’d gone out to buy cleaning supplies and was incredibly pained to have dropped $50 on brooms and mops and soaps.

While you and I might not feel the pain the frat-boy-turned-grown-up did over cleaning supplies, there are definitely areas of spending that can really hurt.

Why do they hurt?

Maybe it’s because there’s no instant reward.  Maybe it’s something the whole of your culture mutually despises (taxes anyone?)

What if it just doesn’t seem to be meeting a real human need for you?

This is what today’s episode is all about, spotting, naming and transforming those money set points that might be holding us back in our lives and businesses.

So let’s get to the bottom of what’s really there so we can free up more space for more money, more impact and more happiness!