Money Blocks – How to Receive and Steward Money (Ep. 209)

What’s the big picture you want to manifest?  You know, the money, the lifestyle, the giving back?

What does that look like for you?

Now if someone you just met at a dinner party or your kid’s soccer game happened to be friends with the producer of the Ellen show or good friends with a huge name in your field and offered to help you take a giant, giant leap in your business, how would you feel?

Would you feel ready?

Would you feel open?

Or would you start feeling that maybe this person was a fake.  Or that you didn’t want to be part of something that might corrupt your beautiful work.

Ah those good ol’ money blocks.

This is where we go in this week’s podcast.

In today’s episode we break down:

-One key extremely successful people have learned
-Which blocks come up for you in having your goal
-How to use EFT to calm those neural patterns down
-A fantastic exercise to help you receive and steward money


Book: The Third Door