Miracles Podcast

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Do you ever have one of those “I should just buy a lottery ticket” kind of days?

One of those days where you just can’t piece together how in-the-name-of-all-that’s-good this situation is going to work out. How the deadline is going to be met. How the launch is ever going to happen.

I soooooo feel you.

Sometimes the solution is just too far out of reach.

Sometimes there’s just too much going on to have a “make it work” moment.

Sometimes we just need a literal miracle to make it happen.

Are you in the market for a miracle? If so, grab your ear buds and warm up your miracle-working tapping fingers!

With SO much appreciation for the miraculous energy that you bring,


p.s. and if after your’e done listening you wanna just do the tapping some more, here it is.