Growing your MEANINGFUL Business just got easier...

Get the mindset support you need to create, run and grow a business that feeds your soul.


  • You know what you need to do next, you have the tools but you JUST... CAN'T... make yourself do it. 
  • Taking that next step is totally FREAKING you out.
  • You're just waiting for everyone to figure out that you're a total imposter and not qualified to be doing what you're doing.
  • No matter how many steps you take in your business, your income WON'T. BUDGE. from the same ol' set point.
  • You'd love more support but just don't have the cash flow for another spendy coach

Then pull up a chair beautiful entrepreneur,

You are

not alone.

I feel you and that's exactly why I built this space.

I was tired of seeing people waste their precious time and money on coaching and support that was: 

  • Cheesy and full of heartless marketing scripts designed to draw you into a sale.
  • Full of outdated information you already knew. 
  • Triggering and kind of traumatizing, all in the name of "coaching".
  • Bereft of any real emotional support. 
  • Great help, but too expensive to continue.

Let's take a collective breath and support ourselves differently now.

Enter the

Conscious Entrepreneur 


A safe space for entrepreneurs just like you, to work through their mindset patterns so they can bring their business, their healing, to the planet. 

It's a membership to transform your mental blocks.

And it's full of courses and trainings to help you gently and effectively overcome the mindset challenges holding you and your business back from the meaningful life and work you want to bring to the world.

PLUS the support of a community who are there to actually see, hear and respond to what YOU need so your business can truly thrive.  

In just 5 months I've doubled my revenue from the previous year.  I'm more successful, working with more people yet work doesn't consume me any longer. 

Pat D. - Financial Planner

The membership will help you...

Move the needle 
in your business by overcoming the procrastination, anxiety and general stuck-ness that's been halting your progress.

Work with more ease and efficiency by addressing the mental noise and clutter slowing you down. 

Overcome money blocks  by gently changing the brain patterns you've developed in your relationship with money. 

Boost creativity 
and solutions creation by regulating  your nervous system, giving your brain access to those higher thinking centres.

Feel self-assured
by identifying and working in alignment with your core needs and values.  Taking action becomes EASY and feels so right.

Heal the planet.
You're not just running a business to make a living but to make a difference. Regain mental ease and perseverance to serve the planet in a BIG way. 

The transformation happens through: 

Step-by-step courses and exercises.

We have a library filled with experiential exercises and courses to help you move through all the big mindset hiccups that might be holding you back. Procrastination? Yes.  Fear of success OR failure?  Got it.  Money hangups?  Covered!

And it’s all done in a safe and compassionate manner.

Work through what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want. 

A community of supportive peers

Our growing community is full of other heart-forward entrepreneurs just like you. We’re all there to provide a safe space to get the support and feedback you need for whatever issue you’re working on, at any stage of your business.

We’ve got your back.

Workbooks and guides to walk you through

Each course and exercise comes with a  mini-journal so you can note, reflect and watch your progress as you do the personal work.

Live training and Q&As

If there’s an issue you’d like to work on or get more specific help with, we have regular live Q&A webinars as well as trainings where we continue our personal work through guided meditations, tapping, coworking and more!

It’s like working with a practitioner without the giant price tag.

All of this INSIDE the membership community!

These people overcame their mindset blocks to success...

Jen's work has surprised me at how fast I can calm my nervous system and operate from a balanced emotional state.

I couldn't have fathomed the strength of these exercises and how much they've helped me move beyond stressful and even traumatic past events.

The major breakthrough for me was learning how to separate my self perception from a situation or outcome.  


Jen's tapping has already changed my life. 

Immediately after following along with her exercise for money blocks, I found that my anxiety regarding money was diminished. 

 I trust that we're going to be financially okay in a way I didn't before.

Thank you Jen for your sincerity, clear teaching style and deep caring that comes through during your tapping instruction and meditations.  

Oh, and your voice soothes my soul!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Since using Jen's work, I'm better equipped to handle conflict and the natural ups and downs of my work.

What would have felt like a mountain of stress, emotion and exhaustion now feel like a small blip. 

This has lead to me winning awards and being given even more opportunities in my work 


Hello there beautiful entrepreneur...

I'm Jen Cincurak and I’m a conscious entrepreneur just like you.

I know what it’s like to have passion for a meaningful business mission, I know how it feels to truly want to help AND I know how it feels to get totally stuck in your head.  

In 2015 I took 15 years of continually overcoming mindset hurdles  and combined it with my medical background and love for neuroscience.  I started working with other entrepreneurs , interviewed loads of experts in the field,  published hundreds of podcasts on the topic and ran two full-fledged summits, all about getting over the mindset blocks to success.  

Then in 2020 it became clear: it’s time for community.  

The Conscious Entrepreneur Community is a membership for heart-driven entrepreneurs looking for deep yet gentle support so they can  overcome their mental blocks, grow their success and help more people.  

Let’s heal the planet by bringing our gift to the world, shall we?

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Not sure if the Conscious Entrepreneur Community is for you?

It's important you get the best results, which starts by making sure this membership is the right fit for you.

THis community is for you if:

  • You're an entrepreneur who's business success also makes the world a happier, more peaceful and kind place.  
  • Self-development is just part of your entrepreneurial path.  There's always another *bleeping* growth opportunity. 
  • You'd LOVE to run your own business but you're stopping yourself before you even start!
  • It's easy to communicate supportively and kindly online or in forums. 

This community is not for you if:

  • Your business is about profit only right now.
  • Business runs smoothly, you take action with ease and have no idea why any personal work is necessary.
  • You have mental blocks but prefer to work with "healers" that do work ON you. This community is about giving you the  support and tools to help yourself.
  •  Guaranteed results are paramount. We all have such varied businesses and dynamic brain biology that it would be unethical to claim guarantees by any one method.
  • It's a challenge to communicate kindly online or in forums. 

A great membership feels like you've found YOUR people.
 Does this sound like home to you?

I feel soooo much better and don’t have the financial stress in the pit of my stomach any more.  Such an amazing process to work through everything! Thank you!


Do you have more questions?  We have more answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business can the Community help?

No matter what kind of business you run, from online to brick-and-mortar, service to physical product, if you've got mental blocks to moving forward the Conscious Entrepreneur Community can help.  

I'm still a total business newbie, can the Community help me?

A resounding YES! Starting out can sometimes be when we have the MOST mindset blocks.  Overwhelm, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Failure or Success to name a few, can start building a wall, blocking us from taking action or even believing it's possible.  

In fact, the membership has a course designed to help you get the clarity on and alignment with your core values and needs regarding your business.  Once you get these lined up taking action  just feels mentally easier. 

I already have a business that's doing well, what can the Community do for me?

If your business is running smoothly but you find yourself stuck at a growth point or you can't figure out why things have plateaued the membership can help you explore the possible blocks behind keeping you at a stand-still.

If your business is overall successful but you struggle with making decisions or taking new or different action the membership can help you work through the mental patterns keeping you in a holding pattern.

If your business is running well but you would really like a community of peers who deeply see and hear you, who can be present for you while you navigate the world of small business ownership, this membership can provide that group for you. 

If, however, your business is running smoothly and you have no problem taking action, making decisions, growing or managing your team and you have a community of other entrepreneurs in your life who really see and hear you, then you may not need the membership right now.

Is all of the content available immediately or is it time-released?

All of the courses and trainings are available immediately after you purchase.  You will also have the chance to ask any extra questions and do personal work as a group in the subsequent group calls. 

There is a guide to help you use the information best, but if there is an issue you're struggling with, you can go to that course module directly.

Can I get one-on-one help for my business mindset issues?

Yes.  We have regular live Q&As where you can get support for your specific issue.  In addition, Jen periodically takes on new one-on-one clients from the membership, who need a kick-start or boost in their work.  These open spots are announced inside membership live calls and via member emails.

What if I don't like the Community?

When doing any kind of personal work, it's so important to have a real connection to the people and work; to feel a sense of safety and belonging.  That's why we try to be as transparent as possible.  

That's also why you can test the membership out with a free 30 day trial AND why you can cancel your paid membership at any time.  No hassle. 

We want you to love your time with us and if that's not the case, we wish you well in finding the support that's the best match for you.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

As much as we'd love for everyone to stay forever, we all have to meet our needs.  If the time comes for you to cancel you can do that whenever you wish, easily with no hassle.  You will have access to the membership for the remainder of the paid month and all future payments and access will cease at the end of that paid period. 

Can I access the content in the membership after I've cancelled?

After the membership is cancelled you will have access to the materials inside until the end of that paid period or month.  Access will no longer be made at the start of what would have been your next pay date.  
(Ex.  if you signed up on the 13th of the month, your payments and access will always renew on the 13th.  If you cancel your membership on the 6th of a month, you will continue to have access until the 13th.)

Will the membership community be useful if I'm working offline in a brick-and-mortar?

The membership is for any business owner who sometimes struggles with mindset issues in their business.  So if you find yourself challenged by procrastination, business anxiety, issues around your feelings and biases toward money and being overwhelmed (this is just the short list), then yes, the membership can support you.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

Yes you can. In fact, people who commit for longer periods often see bigger responses from their dedication.

I'm still not sure if the membership Community is right for me, is there a trial? 

Not Sure It's for You?
Try 14 days On The House.

Try the dress on before buying..

I'm super picky about what memberships I join too!  There's only one way to find out, try it for FREE.

For 30 days you get access to the ENTIRE membership: the courses, the community and the live calls, yours to dive into so you get a real taste for whether this community is the right home for you.

Didn't get your question answered?
Reach out to us at . 

Keep courageously opening up to your dreams.  
The world needs your meaningful business.

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Recurring payment - cancel anytime

All prices are in US dollars. 




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