Meditation – Supercharging Your Intention [Ep.205]

Alright you amazing entrepreneurial souls!  I’ve taken your feedback from last weeks intention podcast and put together an intention audio that we can all do together.

To amplify all of our intentions.

“The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observe it.”
-Lynne McTaggert

So let’s create our universe!

Here’s the plan, let’s listen and participate in this audio for a set amount of time. I’m doing 14 days, but you go for whatever feels right for you.

Then we’ll convene at the end, either via our FB group here, or you can email me. (  Of course you can keep us all updated either way at any point during this process too!

So let’s get manifesting our peaceful, abundant and satisfying lives!

Thank you so much for bringing your energy to this,