How Mathematical Proofs Change Your Success Story with Sarah Newcomb [Ep. 186]

Is your money picture where you’d like it to be? 

Not just your income but your savings, investments or debt?

How do you feel managing money in general?

Today’s fabulous podcast guest has been formally researching how our psychology influences the way we interact with money and she’s here to spill the beans!

In today’s episode Dr. Sarah Newcomb PhD breaks down for us:

  • How our psyche effects the amount of money we have
  • How to find and name our money story and then CHANGE it
  • The top tips for finding an effective role model
  • How to craft an affirmation that actually works with own personal psychology!

This is one of those episodes that’s just jam-packed with extremely helpful tips and goodies.  I hope you get as much from it as I did.



We need each other’s brilliance.



Sarah’s book: Loaded

And a book that’s influenced Sarah’s mindset around success : The Power of Onlyness