[Ep. 42] How NOT to Bully Fear with Dr. Mary Ayers, PhD.

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Have you ever tried to arm-wrestle a deeply ingrained fear?

Totally impossible?

Oh you know it.

‘Fake it ’til you make it’ works totally awesome for surface fears that exist because you’re just stepping out of your comfort zone and merely need to get your bearings in a new space.

But when you’ve got a break-into-a-sweaty-panic-and-want-to-throw-up-at-the-mention-of-it fear…

no amount of’ faking is gonna help.

See, the one way you CANNOT defeat fear, our strongest motivator of survival, is by bullying. Fear doesn’t play that game.

You try to push around a serious fear and your @ss will end up black and blue in the principle’s office calling mom to come get you.

And for good reason.  Fear like that?  It genuinely believes it’s saving your LIFE by acting out.  It thinks that without it protecting you, that tiger would have had you for dinner years ago.

So we can’t come at it with guns ablaze, trying to take it down.  We just can’t win that battle.

We have to have a little chat with it.  Let it know that we still need all of its effort but that we just want to redirect it a little.

And that’s what today’s guest does for us.  She shares the  pivotal moment in her life when she just couldn’t do the ‘show down’ with fear anymore, and learned a better way.

Now she makes it her mission to help people succeed without bullying fear and she drops fantastic and immediately applicable value bombs straight out of the gate.

So you’re definitely gonna want to catch this interview with Dr. Mary Ayers, PhD.



Keep working on the small things, they are what build your bigger beliefs about life.



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Mary’s favourite inspirational success movie: A Field of Dreams

Mary’s favourite quote: “You can’t bully fear.” and “What’s the smallest thing I could do to think differently?”

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  1. Stephanie B. says:

    Thank you for this FANTASTIC post! I am so glad I listened to it. It gave me some important things to work on, which I can so easily integrate into my day.

    1. info@livingnaturopathics.com says:

      Thanks Steph! So glad you liked it. Isn’t Mary great? Keep me posted on how it goes, integrating this into your day. Lots of love!

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