[Ep. 30] How to Get Out of Your Own Damn Way with Marli Williams

marli williams in trees

When I was in naturopathic med school I took a homeopathic remedy at the same time I was reading “Who Dies?” by Stephen Levine at the same time that my husband and I moved into our first place together.

I’m sure it was a mix of all three things but I had a HUGE perspective shift.

I didn’t even know how much guilt and self-reproach I had until… I just didn’t feel it anymore.

I’d made some leap into this peaceful, satisfied, fulfilled state and everything just felt


Have you ever had that moment where you’re actually smelling the roses and everything feels in the zone, copacetic, in divine order?

Makes you REALLY notice how much you might be living outside of that zone at times.

The funny thing is, the biggest block between you and that gorgeous zone of flow is…


Not on purpose of course! But all those lines you hear repeating in your head that start with “I can’t…”  “I’m not _____ enough” “I don’t have …”, they’re all keeping you from seeing how everything IS in it’s right place.

Which can keep you from taking the next step toward your dream.

Which deprives all of us of your gift, the energy of your business on this planet.

Well, my guest today is on a mission to put an end to that!

Marli talks about how to make your success inevitable by getting out of your own way.  AND she walks us through an awesome process to see just what those blocks are.

Smelling the roses doesn’t have to be just a lucky place we get to every now and then. We can change our minds and bodies to live there way more often.

So grab your earbuds and get ready to fire it up with Marli Williams!



Even if you can only change your course by 1 degree each day, you’ll completely change the place your life ends up in 90 days, 1 year, 5 years from now.


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Marli’s favourite success quote: “Success is inevitable.”