[Ep. 120] Manifesting Your Dreams Right From The Trenches

When was your first dip into the ‘manifesting your reality’ pool?

Was it Oprah and The Secret?

Maybe another book or movie?

For me it was seeing What the Bleep Do We Know? in 2004 right on the heels of hearing a life coach talk about Abraham Hicks.

I was chatting with this coach after his talk and he told me to put my request out there with a time limit and see what showed up.  I told him my request was to find a book or resource linking money and spirituality and I wanted this to show up in the next month.

Later that day it showed up.

Those small things that don’t feel “life or death” to you can show up pretty quickly.

But what about the big stuff?

The big income goal,  the hoards of clients/customers you want to serve, the product sales going through the roof.

How are you at manifesting the big stuff?

See, this is where all those mental patterns pop their heads up to say “nuh uh!”.

If it’s just coming across the right book or finding a dollar in an old coat pocket, that probably doesn’t stir any of your subconscious patterns up.

But jumping up to that next income level?

*Cue the smoke alarm*

So in today’s episode, we talk about how we can start changing those smoke alarm signals.

No need to go into a panic when there is literally no smoke.

So let’s rewire those smoke detectors together to create more success and impact shall we?