Manifesting an Extra $2K This Month with Nancy Forrester


You can admit it here.

Sometimes you get caught up in FOMO.  In shiny object syndrome and in the comparison craziness.

We all do sometimes.

And it is no different for Nancy Forrester.

In this SUPER fun interview, Nancy shows us how she continues to help herself run her own race.

She also breaks down her 3 ‘E’s for creating a life you want AND walks us through an awesome tapping and meditation session on how to manifest $2K from an unexpected source this month!


I’ve been re-listening to her exercise since editing this interview and want to hear from you how your $2k shows up for you!

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Emotion is our fundamental gps in how to create the life we want.



Check out Nancy’s awesome work at

The book that was a game changer for Nancy: Love is Letting Go of Fear

Nancy’s favourite success quote: ” I don’t have to make the sun shine, I just need to tap away the clouds”.