Manifesting after 2020

It feels redundant to acknowledge yet again what a hugely dramatic year it’s been.

Aaaaand, we seem to be going out with a literal astronomicbang.

However, this actually looks like it could alter how we manifest and create.

Today, December 21st2020, we have a culmination of several big events happening across the skies that have scientists and astrologers excited alike, marking this historic time.

What does that mean for you as a Conscious Entrepreneur trying to remain in alignment and peaceful through this tumultuous year and into the future?


I’m no astronomer nor astrologer but from the myriad astronomers and astrologers I’ve researched, here’s the rundown of the big events:

  • at 1:20 pm EST, the giant planets of Jupiter and Saturn will cross each other on their orbits, which from earth, looks like they are joining to make one large planet or star called the Great Conjunction.
  • This great conjunction, that happens roughly every 20 years, is also happening in a new zodiac sign and element. It’s happening in Aquarius, an air sign after 200 years of happening in mostly earth signs. (We’ll get into the significance for you in a minute.)
  • It’s happening at 0 degrees in Aquarius. (Fresh start anyone?)
  • It’s the first time these two planets have been visible and this closeto us in 800 years!
  • It’s happening on Winter Soltice of all days!

What does all this mean?

It means that Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, big ideas, manifestation and luck, is meeting up with Saturn, the planet of reality, rules and long term lessons and planning.

Short story? It means their energy is here to support your thoughtful and meaningful intentions for your life and business.

It also means that after about 200 years of Great Conjunctions happening in earth signs on the zodiac, meaning mastering the material world (hello industrialization), it’s moving into a 200 year cycle of falling in air signs.  Air signs are all about technology, digitization, waves, beams and signals.  Think the internet and robotics and all the new tech that’s been pouring forth.

After 200 years of extracting from the earth we definitely need to create in other ways.

That leads us to the Great Conjunction happening in Aquarius.  This energy is all about innovation, technology, breaking barriers and glass ceilings and great humanitarian efforts.

So 2020 was priming us up!

And then there’s the solstice.  Here in the Northern hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the return of light.

(sigh) We could all use a bit more light.

So how can we help usher in all these changes?

By aligning with our core values, our north star and bringing our work to the world.

Seriously conscious entrepreneurs! It’s like you’re being teed up to bring your work to the world.

This is YOUR time to bring your light out, to help heal the planet with your work and your heart.

And I’m here to help you!

We know that our inner world, our beliefs and thoughts, influence how we bring our hearts to the outer world.

That’s why we’re always doing this personal work; so we can let our light shine through without the distortions of smudges and dents and scratches to our vessel.

Being able to align with your core needs and values before you manifest or create in any way makes it so much EASIER and LIGHTER and FUN.  We can fulfill our soul’s calling AND feel good about it along the way.

We all know as entrepreneurs there are hiccups and bumps every day, but when we’re aligned to what really matters, when we’re following our truth, the path is just easier to follow and the bumps are not as big of a deal to weather.

So as the energies are shifting in the cosmos AND you’re getting ready to plan for and manifest in the New Year, I’d love to help you get in touch with your own guiding principals. I’d love to help you bring your creations and healing to the planet this year in an easier and clearer way.

So I’ve created a Guiding Values class to help you get in alignment with your deep needs and principals so you CAN take those steps to manifesting your gifts and healing for the world in a clear and consistent way.

This class is FULL of tapping and guided meditations to help you identify your principles, clear any blocks associated with them and then use them to bring your gifts to the world with more ease.

And, because we’ve already had such a crazy year, I’m selling it for $25 Canadian.  I want everyone to get to do this work.

Let’s ALL tap into the big shifts happening in the skies and our world and call forth our values to help us bring more love and healing to this planet through our work.

So grab the class here and let’s get in tune and to work.

With so much love and appreciation for the presence you bring,


p.s. I’m getting ready to release much more work like this and we’re going to share it in a beautiful community. If you want to be a part, sign up for the wait list here.