[Ep.40] – Live EFT Tapping Session for Success Blocks

How Rosella changed her valedictorian speech to change her bottom line

Have you ever rehashed a childhood memory with an old friend or sibling and had totally different stories of the exact same event?

You: the walls were green in Ms. Smith’s grade 2 classroom.                                                                Friend: the walls were blue in Ms. Smith’s classroom, I’m 100% sure of it.

And we do this with MUCH bigger stuff too.

Like the time my dad lost his sh*t on me (which almost NEVER happened) for accidentally damaging a repair he had just finished.

It was so comical that it still makes me laugh out loud today.  My sister on the other hand… while I was telling the story to my brothers and we were all laughing at my slapstick mistake and my dad’s deserved frustration, she was sitting in the corner quietly weeping.

It’s one of my funniest teenager memories but one of my sister’s most upsetting.

This is where the beauty of EFT comes into play.  Because with a little tapping to reduce the traumatic part of the memory, we often recall or realize a very different side to the memory that had been overshadowed.  Remove that shadow with some EFT, et voila.

In other cases, we come to see a different side of the person we were at odds with in the past.  (Most often a parent.)

We get to come at the situation from a grown up who now better understands the situation than that little kid got it at the time.

And sometimes, if we ask the person in that magical realm of our memory, what they’re feeling, we may be surprised at what our parent has to say.

This is what happens in today’s live EFT session with Rosella.

Rosella and I have been working together for about 6 weeks and when we decided she would do a live podcast session with me, she sent me a list of money and success blocks that had just come up for her doing a money manifestation class. (Basically, how much money would you like to manifest in the next 24 hours?  What kind of a person would you be if you earned that much every 24 hours? What would that mean to the people around you etc?)

So we worked on the memory that had the most charge for her: mom rewriting her valedictorian speech submission means she doesnt’t have what it takes to succeed on her own.

We ALL have issues with the main influencers of our childhood and even the most conscious parent out there knows that it’s impossible to raise children without emotionally traumatizing them to some extent.

But those emotional charges can be changed and you’ll hear it happen for Rosella right here.

So much gratitude for Rosella and all of You, for changing the world with your inner work.



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