Life as Your Message

Reflection of pear "is your success hidden in plain sight?"

Do you ever notice a theme going on with the people in your life?

You know, 5 different people have talked about planning their vacation with you over the last week. Or maybe 3 different people have recently gushed to you about the new amazing relationship they’re in.

Or maybe everyone seems to be having a rough time around the same topic. Your sister is in a tight financial spot, your best friend is slightly freaked out over her oldest kids’ college fees and then your partner comes home from work talking about a financial freak out one of his co-workers had today.

When this happens, do you connect the dots?

Do you have that “Oh……….. riiiiiiight.” moment?

What message is your life blatantly reflecting back at you?

What can you learn from it and how can you bring your healing to the world even more, using said lesson?

Let’s transform these lessons into light in this here podcast.

And thank you for using your message to heal the world!