[Ep. 34] Grow Your Business by Jumping Off Cliffs with Kimberly Roberts

Kimberly Roberts riding a carousel


I was SO scared to start my first business.

I “knew” business was scary from a very young age.  In fact, I can very clearly recall looking at the high school business room where students could sell stuff from the business they were running as part of a class.  And I’d  think of how that stuff was just WAY out of my league.

‘That’s so complicated!’ I would think.  ‘It must be such a headache to get it all straight.’

Suffice it to say, knowing that I’d have to run my own business, I went to every single practice management class in medical school.

And that day I got my business registration number?  SO SCARED!

I’d put so much onto this new practice I was opening.  All these ideas I had about what running a business was like.  All of these beliefs I’d taken on from seeing and hearing about the big and overwhelming corporate world.

But when I look back, all that official stuff is so small.  Those are just details that can be accomplished in easy action steps.

Honestly, if I had to start that first business over again it would happen in no time flat.

Piece a’ cake!

What about you?  When you think back to starting your business or even another big goal you’ve accomplished, how long do you think it would take you to reach that goal from start to finish now?

When you’ve never jumped off that cliff before, it looks mighty scary.

And that’s where today’s guest comes in.

Kimberly Roberts is an expert at helping people take big scary leaps in their life so they can live their dreams.  She’s here to share with us how jumping off that cliff can bring us way closer to our business goal.

So pop in your earbuds and let this rebel help you get there MUCH faster!


It’s too damned late not to.


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How to reach Kimberly and all her amazing goods: rebellivin.com

Kimberly’s favourite book/resource: liveyourlegend.net

Kimberly’s favourite business quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

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  1. Really an honour to have been a part of this wilding inspiring podcast and community! Your listeners are truly blessed to have found such a supportive and compelling community.

    1. info@livingnaturopathics.com says:

      Thanks Kimberly! It comes from such a place of joy. Thank YOU for the inspiring interview!

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