[Ep. 46] From Resistance to Resources with Julie Marentette

Have you ever committed to create something in your business?

Really dug in and started doing the work? Got in the flow?

And then BAM!

Something doesn’t work out.  A roadblock, or twenty, show up AND you fall ill, your personal relationships start to need more of your time, and then…

You give up.

Phrases like ‘This just wasn’t the right time.’, ‘I don’t have enough ____, ____ or ____ to get it done.’ start playing over and over.

And there goes another beautiful creation, unmade.

Well this is exactly what today’s podcast interview is about.

My guest Julie Marentette breaks down exactly how she looks those roadblocks in the eye and keeps moving forward by making them her ally.

LOVE.  It.

Because really, don’t we all need more allies?

Let’s do this!



Where are you playing small right now and when was the first time you felt that same way? This is where your transformation lies.



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Here’s Julie’s site along with her giveaway: selfsweetself.com and her free gift

Julie’s favourite success book: Buddha’s Brain

Julie’s favourite quote: Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. -B. Franklin