[Ep. 72] How Authenticity Grows Your Wealth

Do you ever feel like doing it your way might be the wrong way?

Let me clarify.

For the first 5 or so years that I practiced as a Naturopathic Doctor I would observe other successful colleagues’ business models and tell myself that I should do THAT too.

And it wasn’t just me.  There were (and probably still are) hundreds of us recent grads who felt like ‘if I just take this one extra continuing education course’ then I’ll have a full practice no problem!

And then there’s the online business.

Seriously. Once you jump into this world, you realize that everyone and and their sister is starting a business online.  And everyone and their sister has a completely different foolproof way to create success.  (That they’d be happy to share for the amazing price of $____.  ‘But the doors are closing in 48 hours so don’t miss the chance to make your business a success right now!’)

While there are definitely steps you can take and courses that will help guide you, in the end, people are going to be attracted to YOU.

They don’t care about the fancy 3 video Jeff Walker launch versus the webinar series launch.

They’re not gonna be swayed by the shade of red or orange of your “buy now” button.

They want you.

They want your authentic story, your unique background, your way of serving and healing the world.

And this is what today’s guest drives home for us today.

Find out what Jo Casey did when her worst business fear came true.

(Hint: she survived.)

We really do need you and the way that only you can bring healing to the planet.  So thank you for continuing to charge forward and stay the course with your conscious business.



Keep going.  The difference between the people who’ve made it versus the ones who haven’t is that they kept going.


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How to reach Jo, her podcast and goodies: jocasey.com

The book that changed Jo’s view on success: Big Magic

Jo’s favourite success quotes:

“There is no failure, only feedback”. – Robert Allen

“Everything that has ever happened to you is the perfect preparation for the person that you are about to become.”