[Ep. 32] How to Accomplish Your Big Goals with Dr. Jennifer Baer, ND



Have you ever stood in front of your elephant-sized goal and wondered how you could possibly take this on?

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by the insane number of things that’d need to happen for you to reach your business goal, health goal or family goal?

Especially in this world of new technologies, tricks and trends it’s SO easy to get swept away by the tornado of things that you could or should be doing to really have that ideal business/life/relationship/health.

Well, today, my good friend Dr. Jenn Baer ND, walks us through some of her biggest and most vulnerable moments of breakdown when facing her own elephant and gives us some strategies to take on our own.

So if you’re looking up at the mountain top of your goal thinking “what the…”, grab your climbing gear and throw in the earbuds.

Let’s climb this mountain together!



Don’t wait another minute. Let go of what’s holding you back from doing that next step.



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What book changed Jenn’s outlook on success? The Power of Intention (and the jamesclear.com blog)

Jenn’s favourite success quote?

What you think of me is none of my business. – Wayne Dyer