[Ep. 54] How Your Dreams Can Grow Your Wealth and Success

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In my early career I tried so hard to do what everyone else was doing.

I passed my medical exams, got my license number and hung my shingle.

However, being a Naturopathic Doctor was different than being a Medical Doctor. There weren’t hundreds of underserved people waiting to knock down my door. I was going to have to use all those business classes I took in medical school.

So I did talks at yoga studios, school board meeting rooms and large corporate offices.

I said “yes” to treating any and every health concern people came in with. I was determined to be an amazing general practitioner and the expert on everything.

Weight loss? Sure! Prostate issues? Why not. Hot flashes? Bring it on.

And I was totally burning out.

I couldn’t handle it when things started to get busy because I would spend all of my time outside of the clinic doing extra research so I could plan the perfectly tailored treatment, unique to each person. I’d be up super-late the night before a visit doing final touches to a treatment protocol.

And then it would fall through.

The patient would always end up forgetting to show, bumping the appointment or would have a new acute condition that we needed to treat first.

I absolutely loved my beautiful profession but I wasn’t doing it my way. I was trying to do what I thought I was supposed to. Every time I met a very busy ND I’d feel bad about myself that I wasn’t doing more of what they were doing.

My conscious mind wanted desperately to have a full practice.

My subconscious mind wanted desperately NOT to have a full practice.

Sound familiar?

It does to today’s podcast guest. Television guest, author and dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson shares with us how becoming more authentic was the single most effective strategy that grew her business.

In this episode she breaks down how our subconscious patterns show up in our dreams. Then she lays down a SUPER cool exercise that shows us how to use our dreams to access these patterns and use their message to grow our business even more.

Oh yeah.

You definitely wanna catch this one.

And let us know what shows up in your dreams after listening.



When you’re working toward a goal, take time out for yourself. That’s often where the answer is.




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