[Ep. 124] Grow Your Income with Inspired Copy

jamie jensen

What happens when you put something off because you can’t figure out the steps?

I was doing this BIG time.  For half a year in fact.

And it was my sales freakin’ page!

For six long months I kept trying to write but never made any headway.

Until the clouds parted and today’s podcast guest showed up.

And then?

I got it done in one afternoon. Boom!

And today, Jamie Jenson is here to drop some insane value.

Like what are the two most important pages of your website and how to go about creating the words that call your people to you and your gorgeous business.

Having good copy helps your business heal the planet so let’s crush this with Jamie alongside!


Copy is always about writing a love letter to your audience.



Here’s how to find Jamie and her amazing goods: yourhotcopy.com

Jamie’s favourite success books: Essentialism and Rework

Jamie’s favourite success quote: Trust that everything is working out exactly how it’s supposed to.

Ready to take a deep dive and change your blocks for real? Let’s talk.