Imposter Syndrome

How to release imposter syndrome anxiety and get on with changing the world!

You have that burning desire to change the world

(All conscious entrepreneurs do!)

So you start creating and planning how to take that healing to the planet at a bigger level.

Maybe you buy a website, start a blog and even register your formal business.

Then… GUH!

It kicks you in the stomach, “Wait a sec.  Who am I to teach/sell/run a business like that?!”

“I can’t do this!

My lovely Conscious Entreprenuer,

Imposter Syndrome has bitten.

That feeling of being a fraud, of just knowing that there are people that are WAY better than you who should be doing this instead.

You don’t have the expertise, the smarts, the experience the whatever.  Uh uh. (Nods head back and forth.)

And the worst part?

What if they all find out?!

“What if they find out that I’m a total fake?  What if they can see that I don’t actually know what I’m talking about ?”

But hear this…

What if, the experience that YOU have, the life that YOU’VE lived, the message that comes through in YOUR words, is exactly the healing your people need?

What if hundreds or even millions of people out there need to hear the message from you and your filter for it to really affect them.

We both know you’ve experienced a PhD’s worth of life lessons.

The truth is, there are people out there, who will only transform, change, live the life they were meant, if they get the solution through you and your beautiful business.

It sounds really powerful.

And you are.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Just below, there are a slew of resources to help you and your brain, shift the way it perceives you and this beautiful endeavor you’re making.

So please, dive in and keep lovingly and courageously opening up to your dreams.  Your wealth your health and all of us in the world are waiting to thank you for it!

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