How Your Social Life Can Grow Your Success [Ep.134]

After the marathon of naturopathic medical school was officially finished, we had to jump through one last INSANE hoop: write our board exams.

These are the exams that tell the licensing board that yes you did learn something about medicine and that you in fact have what it takes to practice safely.

So basically you have to remember everything you’ve learned in the 4 years of school leading up to that point and write exams all day for a full week.

If you can imagine, the prep for this is pretty intense.

Basically I studied full-time and even overtime for months.

What made the experience so much more palatable and a little less intense was that I didn’t do it all alone.

In the months leading up to the exams, a group of us would have weekly study check-ins to review and make sure we were all covering everything.

We’d buy very non-naturopathic food “treats” and go over diagnoses, treatments, supplements, you name it.

On one of these evenings we were at a friend’s place reviewing orthopaedic tests and I ended up on the ground demonstrating the “Ober” test as a bear lying on it’s side trying to spread it’s legs to pee.

If you can imagine, there was wine and candy  non-naturopathic treats being spit across the room as my study mates fell off the couch in mentally exhausted hysteria.  (Honestly though, why name a test after yourself when it  would be so much easier for everyone to understand it if it were just named after the function? “IT band test”.  See! So much easier and no bear-lying-on-it’s-side-trying-to-pee gesture needed!)

However, years later and I still recall the feeling of community, the feeling of not being so isolated in my 12 hour study days while the rest of the world enjoyed summer vacation.

And this happens all the time.

Sometimes it’s hysterical laughter and at other times just a knowing glance.

But you have support.

What you may not know is that acknowledging and leaning on this positive support can actually help you take your business to a much bigger level.

So that’s what we’re talking about in today’s podcast; how to use the power of your tribe to grow your business and heal the planet.

Because we all need the love that only your business can bring.