How to Restore a Battered Mindset [Ep. 224]

lioness resting
It’s been a while.  A long, crazy while since we connected.
How in this intensely wild year are you?!
Are you still standing… sometimes?
Are you coherent every now and then?
Even for the most resilient among us, it’s been epic.
Just dealing with unknown or unlabel-able stress/trauma for continued lengths of time is enough, let alone the continuous flow of changes and upheavals.
Because of this constant need to manage change, my body and nervous system are EATING UP every tiny bit of emotional nourishment I can find.  So the other day, on a morning walk, I decided to give myself a little boost by queuing up one of the Money Mindset Summit interviews with Nancy Forrester…
and nourishment was HAD.
Do you want a dose too?
I thought you might say that!
So I’ve turned the first part of this interview into a free podcast. We can all soak in every bit of support on how to gently deal with the HUGE things that are going on, in a manageable and sustainable way that is exactly right for our biology and nervous system. 
Nourishing, sustainable and manageable steps.
It’s got a flavour of money of course but boy does it come in handy with the emotional tasks at hand.
Plus, ain’t nothing wrong with healing our relationship with money and wealth these days!
So have a deep sigh if you’d like, pop your earbuds in and settle into this episode here.Keep breathing beautiful soul.

Oh, and here’s the link to the 5-day free summit.
And the FB group if you’d like to chat about it.