[Ep. 110] Live Session – Success Blocks

Ever have a sinking feeling when everything’s going ok?

That feeling of being in the calm before the storm?


For the sound of that other shoe dropping.

Not so “conscious” a feeling is it?

But take heart, this is a foundational part of our primal makeup; to always be looking for the danger.

Negativity bias is what helped our ancestors live because they heard the lion a millisecond before the person beside them.

We’ve basically been waiting for the other shoe to drop for 100 000 years.

That is some serious brain hard-wiring!

This is what we work on in today’s live session episode.

Rosella is back to update us on her progress and we do some live tapping and Matrix Reimprinting to help her overcome this need to expect something bad.

Conscious or no, we all experience this “is something bad about to happen” feeling.

It’s just displaced watchfulness.

Misguided protection.

So let’s redirect this protection in our episode today!



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