How to Invest in the Right Course for You [Ep. 194]

“It is, after all, the dab of grit that sinks into an oyster’s shell that makes the pearl, not pearl-making seminars with other oysters”  – Stephen King

I love that quote.

Especially because I love me some online courses and have taken many.

Anyone else raising their hand here too?

It’s just so easy and available!

Any business issue that you have or personal development roadblock we come to…

There’s a course for that.

How to use Facebook to feed your personal membership site with webinars?

It’s out there.

How to use the most obscure self-development technique to work through the most obscure and rare persona issue?

That’s out there too.

I love it!

But it’s oh so easy to get lost in the jungle of courses that are going to grow your business with heart, with speed, with authenticity, with love, with ease, with marketing, with social media, with… you get the point.

But what about the things we actually need to learn?  When’s the right time to invest?

Well that’s what we’re breaking down in today’s episode here.

How to know when you’re investing for the wrong reasons, how to choose what to invest in and how to match it all up with your goals.

So, beautiful and studious entrepreneur, dig into this episode and let me know what you’ll be investing (or not investing) in after wading through your personal needs.

Thanks you for continuing to bring your gorgeous healing and business to the world,