How to Honour Your Changing Money Relationship [Ep. 227]

I had a really jarring money interaction recently.  Maybe you can relate.
A couple weeks ago we took the kids out of town to a busy city for the first time in 2 years.
We had a great time seeing an outdoor sporting event, an art exhibit and an aquarium.  It was so fun to participate in the world like this again.
In order to avoid rush hour traffic as we headed out, we skipped dinner in the city and opted to stop at a random shopping centre an hour into our drive home – you know, one of those big outdoor malls with lots of food options for the kiddos.
But there was nowhere to park. On a thursday evening in the middle of October, this outdoor shopping mall was absolutely jammed.
Now I totally get that we’ve all been cooped up for a really long time and need to get out but something about getting out to a shopping centre totally threw me.
Why was this so hard for me? I’ve not only witnessed this a million times before but actively participated.  Especially when I lived in a more urban centre where there was so much to see and buy all the time.  It was fun!
But after a couple years of stepping back from this life, I had full-fledged culture shock.
I’ve read many books and studies on the way we relate to money and had the chance to interview PhD experts about it, but that was different.  This time I could actually FEEL people defining themselves, reaffirming their identity with the stuff they were buying.
And this time, I couldn’t do it.
This is not to say that shopping or consumerism is bad or wrong! Rather, my values and needs have changed and I want to honour that. I want to acknowledge and respect that my relationship with money and “things” is changing.
And I want to honour that your relationship with money may be changing too. So this episode is all about compassionately acknowledging and respecting the money mindset shifts happening in our nervous systems.


Do you feel the shift in your nervous system too?  Then grab your earbuds and join us for some beautiful tapping and a meditation.
And thank you for bringing your transformation to the world!
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