[Ep. 112] How to Be Be Your Future Success Now

What comes to mind when you think about making it to that next stage in your business?

I bet you’ve got lists upon lists of things that need to happen for you to get to the next step.  And lists for the step after that.

Maybe there are things that have been on those lists for a VERY long time while you’re crossing a million other tasks off.

Yes, taking this action is very important.

It helps us clarify and hone and better our craft and our business.

So what gives when we’re stuck for a long time, despite great action? When we’re following all the steps, being “coachable” as h$ll, yet still… nada.

Well, what if it wasn’t about the action?

What if achieving something big and different was about becoming something big and different first?

What if success is chasing you and not the other way around?

As Jim Rohn says “When you change, everything changes for you.”

And that’s what we’re breaking down in today’s episode; who do you have to become and what do you have to believe to achieve the income and impact you and your beautiful business came here for.

Your business deserves to be run by the light and success you believe in now, not the cultural BS (belief systems) from your past.

So let’s dive in to some BS-altering work.



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