How to Attract Clients on Autopilot with Rob Nelson


Level with me here.

Have you ever had a stint of total self-doubt and overwhelm over how to bring in more biz?

I’ll be straight up, this is actually why I got into working with entrepreneurs.

Because I had spent years trying to come up with  ways to increase my patient load in my naturopathic practice.  Just when things started to flow, something seemingly outside of my control would happen and poof!  Back to the drawing board.

But it wasn’t just me.

Ninety percent of my friends and colleagues were having the same struggle.

And it was painful for us all.

I know you, you beautiful, heart-focused, give-your-all entrepreneur.  You’re here to help and heal the planet through this business.

That’s why I was so psyched for you when today’s guest started talking about this big change in client flow in his business.

And he didn’t stop there.

In this interview Rob Nelson breaks down for us:

  • how he began to attract clients/customers on autopilot
  • how to use those crazy high-school jobs to transform your business now
  • how your father/father-figure is affecting your success
  • how to focus on activities that inspire AND make profit
  • 3 crucial steps to get to your ideal success flow
  • how your prices call to your ideal client



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