How Cravings, Shiny Object Syndrome and Addictions Affect Your Business [Ep. 136]

I used to be a dress addict. Formal dresses, summer dresses, work dresses. I loved window shopping for dresses, online shopping, watching other people wear them, all of it. I was a sucker and I have a closet-full.

Now, you might think that the owner of so many dresses was also a frequent dress wearer… and that’s where you may have thought wrong. You see, the art and beauty of a dress on a mannequin, a magazine or a rack didn’t always translate well into my day-to-day life, or so I told myself.

I would buy a dress with the hopes and feeling of joy, beauty, success or freedom that I felt when I looked at it. I’d wear it once or twice, then I’d hang that joy/freedom/success/beauty in my closet… where it would rest… for a very long time.

The cascade of happy chemicals released by the shopping and purchase of the dress were lost and I’d need another new dress “hit” before I felt that again.

From dresses to drugs to foods … they’re all addictive chemically and emotionally. And they all affect our money and success.

Think about it. Does the Starbucks logo make you feel a teensy bit excited? Does the idea of a new gadget make you a little giddy?

What if we could separate the emotional gain from our craving? What if the giddiness and the gadget didn’t have to be so intertwined?

What if I didn’t need yet another dress to achieve that joy/freedom/success and beauty in my life?

My dress penchant has TOTALLY changed since doing this personal work.

What if your “addictions” to shiny objects can help you gain the clarity and focus that is the surprising answer to your business jumping to that next level?

Let’s dive into today’s episode on shiny objects and addictions!