How a Dark Secret Can Be a Powerful Tool with Eleanor Edgar [Ep. 207]

Common’ admit it.

You’ve got a secret side to you, something about yourself that you keep way down there because you’re absolutely convinced it could lead to nothing good.

If people really knew about this part of you, you’d lose credibility, respect or maybe more?

Or so your psyche would have you believe.

In today’s episode, our guest Eleanor Edgar describes how her dark secrets have actually become some really powerful allies and aids in her life.

AND she walks us through a great exercise to help us start to transform our own deep dark secret.

It’s a great episode with these great highlights:

  • The big mental block that held Eleanor back and how she overcame it.
  • How a simple shift in perspective can unleash a powerful tear.
  • How to find our own big secret and powerful ally!
  • Why it’s dangerous to have the “aha” moment, but not act on it.


Welcome and celebrate the blocks that come up.  They are gifts waiting for you to unwrap.



The success quote that’s been resonating with Eleanor lately: “don’t be nicer than you are” – Eleanor’s Dad

Books that have changed Eleanor’s business mindset: Becoming Supernatural and The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

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