Getting the Big Stuff Done with Gene Monterastelli [Ep. 158]

Admit it.  You also have that task that’s been sitting on your list for waaaaaaayyyy to long right?

It’s important, it makes total sense, you need to take this step to help your business move forward.

And yet… nothin’.

What’s worse is that this is totally a pattern for you.  Not doing this really important thing.

Because what if you do it and it doesn’t work out?  What if you feel like a fool?  What if (the perennial favourite) it means you suck?

Here’s the thing though.

You and me?  We ain’t never moving forward in our business without getting these ‘what if I suck’ tasks done.

So what is a consciouspreneur to do?

Well that’s what today’s guest is here to help us out with.

Not only how to get through the daily stuff that propels our business forward but how to end the bigger and sneakier patterns that may be underlying those daily hesitations.

So grab your to-do list and let’s jump into some awesome tapping transformation with Gene Monterastelli!



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