[Ep. 36] How to Blast Through Your “To Do” List with Gene Monterastelli

picture of gene monterastelli

I’ve had an on/off relationships with to-do lists.

When they’re full of achievable action items or exciting ideas it’s all good.

But when it’s got those one or two items that suddenly make scrubbing the kitchen sink seem like an immediate priority?

Not so good anymore.

Do you get this too? Do you have a go to avoidance activity?

Well our podcast guest today goes through this too and today he shares a FANTASTIC strategy he uses to overcome this resistance.

He shows us how he creates a full 90 minutes of invincible action-taking time that allows him to move forward on the most challenging parts of his task list. And not only is he taking action, but he’s doing it with ease and confidence.

Sound awesome to you too?

Where could your business be if you had 90 minutes, heck! THIRTY minutes of feeling more ease and confidence with the most scary things on your get-it-done list?

Pretty amazing right?

So let’s jump in together with this episode of feeling “fearless-er” with Gene Monterastelli.



Be gentle and easy with yourself.



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Gene’s own podcast episode on getting your To-Do list done.

The books that inspired Gene’s success: Free , The No BS Guide to Marketing to the Affluent ,

The Power of Habit

Gene’s favourite success reframe: “Success is like shovelling coal in a steam engine. It’s not about the shape of the mound or the angle you toss it in the fire,  it’s about taking that persistent and consistent action.”