[Ep. 52] Creating Your Wealth In Frustrating Moments

When I was in University I worked a part-time job welding minivans together.

Like full-on, sparks flying, smoke fumes, gigantic spot welding guns suspended from the ceiling.

There was this program for kids of the auto manufacturer employees to work part-time at the factory and help pay for their school.

So 2 or 3 times per week, I worked the midnight shift spot welding and sealing and hammering and using intense power screws on very grey (and often VERY heavy) moulded metal that would become a minivan.

And I hated it.

The money was fantastic for helping pay for school, don’t get me wrong, but the depressing factory atmosphere and midnight hours and wonked out sleep hormones while trying to study to get into naturopathic medical school were killing me.

In spite of all this, I learned first-hand many valuable lessons.

Not just lessons about living in the present moment (so many employees felt trapped at this job and were generally miserable) but lessons in consistency.

Every 42 seconds (or something like that) I did the same task, the same way.

Over and over and over again. Five hundred plus times.

Every. Night.

I physically participated in a new minivan rolling off that assembly line every 42 seconds.

Even though I didn’t enjoy the work or the smell or the depressed attitude of many of the employees or the “us against them” employee-employer attitude…

I needed to do this.

I needed to see the same actions repeated over and over again creating results.

And I know you’ve lived this too.

A time when you absolutely LOATHED the space you were in. A time when you felt there was never going to be a light at the end of your tunnel.

But somewhere, living through that sh*tty time gave you the exact lesson or tools you needed to pick up. You NEVER could have become the person you are today without having experienced it.

So let’s tap today to spin that frustration and drudgery straw into your dream life gold.

Because the more gold you spin, the more you and your business heal the world.