From Forgiveness to Fortune

final Ho'oponopono pic


Do you hold a grudge against yourself?

Is there that one ugly memory of something you did, an investment you made, a decision you made that you still can’t think about without a full body recoil?

What about someone else? Is there someone who’s SERIOUSLY rubbed you or your business the wrong way? Someone that you’re not ready to NOT shoot daggers at in the imaginary confrontation that sometimes plays out in your head?

And what about the usual subjects? The disastrous ex, the mean teacher, the super-cranky coach.

No matter how aligned with Spirit you become, are they all still filed under “@^#$%&^ #$%&-ers” in your mind.

What if we could create a different response?

What if we could change that “I’m gonna pound that <beep!>” body response to a peaceful “ahhh” instead?

And what if we could do all of this, just by working on ourselves?

If the whole universe is inside of us, then let’s get healin’!

YOU are healing the planet.  Thank you!


p.s. If you loved this tapping and wanna repeat just the EFT, here’s a copy.