[Ep. 98] How to Grow Your Luck and Change Your Life

Are you ready for success? I mean really ready?

If your business signed a giant client, or your practice filled up, or you sold out of your product, do you have the nuts and bolts in place to take care of it?

Does that even feel possible?

When you think of all the snags and summersaults you and your usiness have lived through, can you even imagine such big success?

This might actually be part of what’s blocking that big business windfall.

In today’s episode, we break down the psychological studies on good fortune and learn how we can change our own neurophysiology to welcome more luck into our lives.

Because if good luck is really just being prepared when you spot that opportunity then we all want us some of that!

And really, the world needs our beautiful businesses to heal the planet, so let’s bring the “luck” on!



The Happiness Advantage

The Luck Factor

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