[Ep. 94] Your Home, Your Spirit, Your Success

Have you ever felt totally not up to par with your skills?

On the one hand you’re dying to contribute in a different way but on the other hand you can’t fathom people actually wanting it?

It’s just you afterall right? And there doesn’t really feel like there’s anything extraordinary about what you want to give.

You see other entrepreneurs in their very successful businesses and it seems so obvious why everyone loves their stuff.

But your stuff?

Even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur and are looking to pivot, those same doubts can creep in.

Do I really have what it takes?

What if they find out I’m not really that great?

What if I totally fail?

Worse, what if I completely succeed and can’t handle it?

And so the voices go.

But what if , in this world of 7 billion people, there are individuals out there waiting to be helped by YOU?

What if all of those doubts are just outdated programs you’ve installed in your mental operating system?

What if the real you, your soul that wants to love and evolve right now, is ready to get on with it?

That’s what we’re going to be touching on in today’s podcast.

Because it doesn’t matter if a million other people have a similar business to yours.

No one else has your soul print.

And that’s why we need your conscious business to heal our world.



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